Numbers to 10
Show your working clearly and write your answers in the spaces provided.

1 Use the numbers in the box to answer the questions below.
7    5    10    9

a) The smallest number is .

b) The biggest number is .

c) and are smaller than 10 but greater than 5.
2 Mary has 7 strawberries.
Janet has 9 strawberries.
Nancy has 5 strawberries.

a) has the least number of stawberries.

b) has the most number of stawberries.

c) Mary has more strawberries than but fewer stawberries than .

(a) How many soccer balls are there?

There are soccer balls.

(b) How many basketballs are there?

There are basketballs.

(c) How many balls are there altogether?

There are balls altogether.

(d) Are there fewer soccer balls or basketballs? How many fewer?

There is/are fewer than .

a) How many girls are there?

There are girls.

b) How many boys are there?

There are boys.

c) How many children are there?

There are children.

d) Are there more girls or boys? How many more?

There are more .

Watch the video for the solution and the answer.