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programming Course My name is Steven and I am a tutor/lectuer (Specialised in Math, Science, Accounting and Computing)

This site ( is created by me and has used by many teachers and parents and hope this site could continue to be useful to the educators.

For this coming holiday, I am conducting programming courses (1 to 1 at your home or my place - Jurong West St 65) as following:
Python Programming (Age 11 - 18)
Scratch Programming (Age 7 - 11)

I also conduct tuition on:
  • GCE O level Computing (Syllabus 7155)
  • Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science
  • GCE A level (H2) Computing (Syllabus 9569)
  • Cambridge International AS and A Level Computing
  • NCC Diploma in Computer Studies
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Principle of accounting
Accounting is the information system that measures business activity, processes the information into reports, and communicates the result to decision makers. It is 'the language of business'. Study accounting is not only crucial for the examination, it also equip him/her a skill and knowledge to be a business decision maker.

Many parents feel that Principle of Accounts (POA) is just another Math subject. However, POA isn’t about simple calculations, it involve many complex concepts and theories.

For those who are unaware of this, they tend to take the subject for granted, believing that it will be easy to pass without much practice. However, by not being able to identify and grasp the concepts in POA, students can easily fall behind in class. Hence, as a parent, you shouldn’t take that risk. Instead, you should avoid it by hiring a qualified home tutor to assist your child ASAP.

POA is a subject that is often underestimated. Although there is a Mathematics component to it, there are still many additional components that students tend to overlook. Therefore, if you want to see your child ace in the subject, start them out early through home tuition.

From my experience, many parents only realised the need for their child to have tuition in POA during the late September (which is a bit too late to help). POA tutors are in high demand in Singapore, due to the relatively low supply of qualified accountant becoming a tutor. Do consider enrol your child to the tuition/ lession early in the year. If you’ve waited until September/October, chances are there will be very little time to prepare for the examination and very few POA tutors are willingly to take the risk.

Give your child an academic headstart today.

Topics include: Accounting Equation, Double-entry, Special Journals, Cash Book and Petty Cash Book, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet, Accruals and Prepayments, Inventory, Non-current Assets, Trade Receivables/Payables and Long Term Borrowing, Control Accounts, Correction of Errors, Incomplete records, Business Entities, Financial Statement Analysis

Group Class (New)
LevelNum of StudentsPrice (per hour)
Secondary 31$25
Secondary 32$20
Secondary 33$18
Secondary 4/51$28
Secondary 4/52$22
Secondary 4/53$20
A level (H2) JC 11$35
A level (H2) JC 12$30
A level (H2) JC 13$28
A level (H2) JC 21$38
A level (H2) JC 22$35
A level (H2) JC 23$30
1 to 1 Home Tuition
Secondary 31$40
Secondary 4/51$45
A level (H2) JC 11$50
A level (H2) JC 21$55

Group class is located at Jurong West St 65

SMS/Call 98772403



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