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programming Course My name is Steven and I am a tutor/lectuer (Specialised in Math, Science, Accounting and Computing)

This site ( is created by me and has used by many teachers and parents and hope this site could continue to be useful to the educators.

For this coming holiday, I am conducting programming courses (1 to 1 at your home or my place - Jurong West St 65) as following:
Python Programming (Age 11 - 18)
Scratch Programming (Age 7 - 11)

I also conduct tuition on:
  • GCE O level Computing (Syllabus 7155)
  • Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science
  • GCE A level (H2) Computing (Syllabus 9569)
  • Cambridge International AS and A Level Computing
  • NCC Diploma in Computer Studies
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10 Suggestions For Successful College Preparation

Preparing for college can seem pretty overwhelming but if you take the time to work on your approach you can easily get into the college of your choice. Here are 10 suggestions that will help you successfully prepare for college.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Preparing for college can seem pretty overwhelming but if you take the time to work on your approach you can easily get into the college of your choice. Here are 10 suggestions that will help you successfully prepare for college.

1. Get excellent grades in high school
High schools important. Your academic performance during your junior year is especially noteworthy. If you want to make sure that you can go to your number one college choice then you need to make the grades in high school.

2. Take college prep courses
Getting good grades is important but having excellent marks in college prep courses is truly the way to go. When you take Advanced Placement AP classes then you can boost your overall GPA. If you get decent grades on your AP tests then you can avoid taking certain classes i.e. Writing 101 in college. College Prep courses improve your academic skills and pump up your transcript.

3. Engage in extracurricular activities
Your college application needs to illustrate more than just academic aptitude. You need to show admissions officers that you are a wellrounded applicant. Consider joining a sports team or school club. Do some volunteer work or take an internship somewhere. Have a part time job become a photographer or learn a musical instrument. Whatever you do for a hobby spin it so that you look like the busiest most productive student in the country.

4. Apply to multiple universities
Be sure you apply to more than one school. Have at least one safe pick a guaranteed sure thing. Apply to a couple of places that you think will accept you and choose at least one or two schools that may appear out of your reach. You just never know.

5. Visit the universities that you are considering
Make sure you visit the places you are considering. Check out the layout the student body and the surrounding city area. If you have a specific geographical requirement i.e. you want to go to school by the beach or near a major metropolitan city make sure that the school youre considering can provide the learning and living atmosphere that youre looking for.

6. Secure as much free cash as possible
Apply for financial aid early and annually and make sure that you fill out applications for every grant that you are eligible for. Look for scholarships until you find one that caters to your specific situation. Theres so much money to be claimed out there. Make sure you collect all you can.

7. Consider the career implications of the major youre considering
While its always a good idea to follow your interests be sure that youve explored the career choices that your degree will open up to you. If you have dreams of being a Nobel Prize winning physicist then Painting is probably not the major thatll get you there. College is an investment. If you are looking for a particular return on that investment then you need to know what you can do with the specific degree that youre considering.

8. Consider attending a community college and transferring to a fouryear university
You can save a ton of money by taking your general education requirements at a local community college. Transferring from a city college to a topnotch fouryear university is solid strategy especially if you didnt get into the school of your choice the first time around.

9. Be true to your own education and career goals
Dont pick a college because you like the football team or because your parents attended the same university. Pick a school that suits your own academic and professional goals. College is an intensely personal experience. Its a time to mature and to be exposed to new things. You are the one who is ultimately in control of you future both in college and beyond.

10. Relax
Dont stress yourself out too much. College is important but its only a fraction of your life. Your college experience will mold your future but it will not set it in stone. Life changes regularly. Dont think that your entire existence hinges on where you go to get your degree.

If you take the time to prepare you will notice the results. If you start planning your college preparation today you will enjoy the options that you have tomorrow.

About the writer:  Chris Stout is a frequent contributor to Chris Stout is a feature writer that covers topics relating to MBA Programs and online colleges.

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