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  • A well-organized phonics method for mastering reading and writing.
  • A comprehensive and interconnected journey to develop literacy skills.
  • Meticulously designed modules to guarantee comprehension.
  • Fun activities that help you learn new things.
  • Get really good at solving tricky word problems.
  • Improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Understand the different types of questions.
  • Learn techniques to break down challenging questions.
  • Be equipped with the right strategies to tackle Experiment questions.
  • Strengthen the utilization and fusion of fundamental ideas, guaranteeing substantial student improvement within a short timeframe.
  • A methodical teaching approach that establishes students' fundamental knowledge before advancing to more advanced algorithms and data structures.
  • Thrilling chances to gain insight into the real-world tech industry with the guidance of a tutor with many years of experience in the IT sector.
The programs are created in alignment with the curriculum established by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. Our objective is to provide students with the essential skills and self-assurance needed to succeed in their exams. The program is specifically crafted to encourage students to think creatively and apply their knowledge to real-world situations, fostering a mindset that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

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   Stay tuned as we will upload some sample questions and solutions based on Process Skill Science......
Have you ever wonder why your child seemed to have understood and even memorised all the Science concepts but yet is not doing well for his/her Science tests and exams?

That is because there is greater emphasis on process-skills based questions. Very often students get frustrated, confused and taken aback when they are confronted with questions they have never seen before. Most of our students still depend on the convention rote learning of facts.

The Singapore’s Ministry of Education advocates that teachers provide opportunities for students to use concepts and integrate skills and processes to inquire things and phenomena around them.

Students are expected to master 11 skills and 3 processes as shown in the table below.

Your child would have already mastered the Science concepts for the various topics and was taught certain skills and processes. However, he/she may not have mastered the Science skills and processes that are essential for scientific inquiry. Here is a brief summary of some of the skills required:


For this skill, students have to use their senses to gather information about objects or occurrence.


This skill set tackle on identifying the similarities and differences between two objects, incidents, concepts and processes.


This involves grouping objects or incidents based on their common features or characteristics. It also could involve ordering of events and objects or steps in experience.

Using apparatus and equipment

This involves the knowledge and skills in handing various apparatus and equipment. It focusses on how to select and handle the apparatus and equipment appropriately for various task and experiments.


This involves transmitting and receiving information present in different format - verbals, tubular, graphical, pictorial, etc. It also includes sharing of ideas and explaining of information.


This involves the interpreting or explaining of observations or pieces of data or processed information. Example is to draw conclusion from an observation, study or experiment.


This is the ability to assess the likelihood or an outcome based on the observation and prior knowledge of the properties of the objects or incidents.


This is the ability to identify the parts of objects, information or processes, and the patterns and its relationships between them.

Generating Possibilities

This is the ability to explore all the alternatives, possibilities and choices beyond the common known.


This is the ability to access the rational, reasonableness, accuracy and quality of information, processes or ideas. It is also the ability to assess the quality and feasibility of objects.

Formulating hypothesis

This is the ability to make general explanation for a related set of observations or events. It requires several tests to be able to come to a conclusion to prove the hypothesis. A hypothesis can be inconclusive even after several experiments have been carried out.
Topic: Systems (Plant) Grade: 3 Subject: Science

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Topic: Systems (Human Body) Grade: 3 Subject: Science

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Generating Possibilities
Topic: Interactions (Magnets) Grade: 3 Subject: Science

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Topic: Diversity Grade: 3 Subject: Science

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Topic: Energy Grade: 4 Subject: Science

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Topic: Cycles Grade: 4 Subject: Science

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Topic: Energy Grade: 4 Subject: Science

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Topic: Cycles Grade: 4 Subject: Science

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