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  • A well-organized phonics method for mastering reading and writing.
  • A comprehensive and interconnected journey to develop literacy skills.
  • Meticulously designed modules to guarantee comprehension.
  • Fun activities that help you learn new things.
  • Get really good at solving tricky word problems.
  • Improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Understand the different types of questions.
  • Learn techniques to break down challenging questions.
  • Be equipped with the right strategies to tackle Experiment questions.
  • Strengthen the utilization and fusion of fundamental ideas, guaranteeing substantial student improvement within a short timeframe.
  • A methodical teaching approach that establishes students' fundamental knowledge before advancing to more advanced algorithms and data structures.
  • Thrilling chances to gain insight into the real-world tech industry with the guidance of a tutor with many years of experience in the IT sector.
The programs are created in alignment with the curriculum established by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. Our objective is to provide students with the essential skills and self-assurance needed to succeed in their exams. The program is specifically crafted to encourage students to think creatively and apply their knowledge to real-world situations, fostering a mindset that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

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Math interactive learning tools (Math teaching tools)
Gone are those days of chalkboards. Today’s classrooms employed different technologies to engage their students in learning and enhance their academic performance while making teaching more fun , interesting and interactive.

We encourage teachers to use our interactive whiteboard tools, videos, auto-generated worksheets, download worksheets and games to engage students in learning.

Using interactive technology can boost engagement and motivation in the classroom. Interactive whiteboards allow many different forms of media – including graphic, animation, games, and video, to be displayed. These tools not only enrich the classroom experience but also help to expand the nature of content that can be used in learning. Improve the learning environment within your classroom now by using our tools.

Do come back often to check our updated tools and resources.
Addition Using Part-Whole Model Addition List Primary 1 (Grade 1) - Math Lesson - Addition Math  game- Matching the correct answer with its addition equation
Learning Addition for kids using bricks Adding by making 10 Making Number Bonds Addition with Regrouping in Ones (Step by Step)
Adding By Counting On Addition Addition Algorithm  1 digit Addition Algorithm  2 digits
Addition Algorithm  3 digits Addition Algorithm  4 digits Number Bonds (Addition) Part Whole Model (Addition)
Addition Part Whole (Total of pupils in the class) Addition  Facts of 1 Addition  Facts of 2 Addition  Facts of 3
Addition  Facts of 4 Addition  Facts of 5 Addition  Facts of 6 Addition  Facts of 7
Addition  Facts of 8 Addition  Facts of 9 Addition  Facts of 10 Number Line (Addition Till 20)
Base Blocks Addition (1 Digit) Base Blocks Addition (2 Digits) Base Blocks Addition (3 Digits) Base Blocks Addition (4 Digits)

Subtraction List Subtraction Using Part-Whole Model Subtraction Using Drawing Subtraction with Regrouping in Ones (Step by Step)
Subtraction Subtraction Algorithm 1 digit Subtraction Algorithm 2 digits Subtraction Algorithm  3 digits
Subtraction Algorithm  4 digits Part Whole Model (Subtraction) Number Bonds (Subtraction) Subtraction of 10
Subtraction of 20 Number Line (Subtraction Till 20) Base Blocks Subtraction (1 Digit) Base Blocks Subtraction (2 Digits)
Base Blocks Subtraction (3 Digits) Base Blocks Subtraction (4 Digits)
To be added
To be added

  Addition & Subtraction
More than and less than chart (1 to 100) More than and less than chart (101 to 200) More than and less than chart (201 to 300) More than and less than chart (301 to 400)
More than and less than chart (401 to 500) More than and less than chart (501 to 600) More than and less than chart (601 to 700) More than and less than chart (701 to 800)
More than and less than chart (801 to 900) More than and less than chart (901 to 1000) Working Backwards (Thinking of a number) Comparison Model
Number Bond Video Number Line (Addition and Subtraction within 20) Number Line (Addition and Subtraction within 20)
To be added

Times Table Multiplication (Time Tables) List Multiplication (Grouping) Math  game- Matching the correct answer with its multiplication equation
Multiplication of 1 Multiplication of 2 Multiplication of 3 Multiplication of 4
Multiplication of 5 Multiplication of 6 Multiplication of 7 Multiplication of 8
Multiplication of 9 Multiplication of 10 Multiplication of 11 Multiplication of 12
Making Multiplication Stories Adding Equal Groups (Multiplication) Multiplication Algorithm 3 digits by 1 digit Multiplication Algorithm 3 digits by 2 digits
Multiplication Model Number Line (Multiplication Till 7) Multiplication Test (Multiplication from 2 to 10) Learning Time table (multiplication) with test option

Division Grouping of cubes Long Division Division By Grouping Division List

Counting Backwards Counting by ones Counting by tens Counting by hundreds
Counting by thousands Primary 1 (Grade 1) - Math Lesson - Counting number 0 to 10 Primary 1 (Grade 1) - Math Lesson - Comparing number 0 to 10 Counting By Making 10
Counting By Clicking Counting Cubes Skip Count Skip Count

  Numbers (Rounding and Estimation)
Rounding number to nearest 10 Rounding number to Nearest hundred Rounding number to Nearest Thousand Rounding number range (smallest and greatest numbers)
  Numbers (Factor and Multiple)
Number multiple Factor listing of 2 numbers (get the common factor) List the factor of a number (1 to 100) List multiple of a number withing a range
  Numbers (General)
Number 1 to 10 Number 11 to 20 Number 21 to 30 Number 31 to 40
Number 41 to 50 Number 51 to 60 Number 61 to 70 Number 71 to 80
Number 81 to 90 Number 91 to 100 Number Line (Positive and Negative numbers) Odd and Even Numbers Chart
Learning number words 0 to 10 Learning number words 0 to 20 Math memory game- Matching the correct number with its respective word Math memory game- Matching the correct number with its number dots
Spell Number Word 0 to 10 Spell Number Word 11 to 20 Spell Number word Multiple of 10 (Till 100)

  Numbers (Ordering and Comparison)
Ordering of Number (Ones) Ordering of Number (Ones and Tens) Ordering of Number (Ones , Tens and Hundreds) Ordering of Number (Ones , Tens , Hundreds and Thousands)
Compare Numbers (Ones) Compare Numbers (Ones and Tens) Compare Numbers (Ones, Tens, Hundreds) Compare Numbers (Ones , Tens, Hundreds, Thousands)
Compare two numbers Order Numbers From Least To Greatest (Within 10) Order Numbers From Least To Greatest (Within 20) Order Numbers From Least To Greatest (Within 100)
Order Numbers From Least To Greatest (Within 1000) Order Numbers From Greatest To Least (Within 10) Order Numbers From Greatest To Least (Within 20) Order Numbers From Greatest To Least (Within 100)
100 Chart Base 10 Set Number Places - Ones and Tens Number Places - Ones, Tens and Hundreds
Ones Tens hundreds thousands places Convert number to words

Position (first to fifth) - Racing cars Position (first to tenth) - Racing horses Position (first to tenth) - Children Position (first to tenth) - Alphabet
Speed Make a list for grade one Ordinal

Compare size of solid shapes (Sphere/Cube/Cone) Compare size of basic shapes (Circle/Square/Traingle) Compare length of different color bars Compare height of different color bars
Coordination Learning Shapes Mass in grams Length
Height 3D Solid Shapes Area (Unit Squares) Perimeter (cm Squares)
Area (Square units with half unit option) Measurement of Angles Area/ perimeter  of Rectangle / square Cube (Find the Volume)
Basic Shapes Test Solid Shapes Test Circles, Semicircles and Quarter Circles Triangle (Find the Angles)
Circle (Find the Angles)

Number Pattern (Number within 20) - addition and subtraction Number Pattern  - Multiplication Number Pattern  - Skip Count Number Pattern  -  Backwards Count
Shapes and pattern (Star, circle and square) Shapes and pattern (Arrow Signs) Shapes and pattern (using squares) Shapes and pattern (using semi Circles)
Shape Pattern

  Graph and Chart
Vertical Bar Chart Vertical Double Bar Chart Hortizontal Bar Chart Pie Chart
Picture Graphs (Circle) Picture Graphs (Star)

Learning About Money (GDP) Learning About Money (NZD) Learning About Money (USD) Learning About Money (SGD)
Learning About Money (AUD) Learning About Money (CAD)

Fractions using Pie chart Fractions using bars Comparing fractions Fraction Addition
Fraction Subtraction Fraction Multiplication Compare Fractions Part 2 Addition Fractions with diagram
Subtraction Fractions with diagram

  Date and Time
Tell The Time Stop Watch Count Down Timer Date Range in days
Timeline (Day) Weekly Timetable Time (Before and After 12 hours) Time (Before and After 24 hours)
Tell the time lession for grade 3 / primary 3 Time and Duration - Forwards Time and Duration - Backwards

Percentage Average Ratio Spin the wheel
Thermometer (Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit) Thermometer (Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius)
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