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School Name:City Ballet Academy
Address:22 Orchard Road #03-01 Singapore 238885
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Description:We offer ballet lessons for children, teens, pre-professionals and adults, and provide opportunities for students to participate in stage performances and competitions, providing opportunities for those who are keen to become strong and versatile dancers.
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School Name:Dandelion School of Music Pte Ltd
Address:1 Brooke Road, Katong Plaza #B1-01/02 Singapore 429979
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Description:Dandelion School of Music strives to cultivate the love for Music in our students and helps to develop this natural gift of creativity to artistry. During the process of learning this art form, we also want to inculcate in them the joy of sharing and returning to the community through Music Performances.
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School Name:JW65 Teachers
Address:Jurong West Street 65
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Description:Are you puzzle with why your child seemed to have understood and remembered all the Math and Science concepts yet did not do well for his recent Math and Science exams? It is easy for your child to score their maximum marks for ANY kind of questions with the right techniques. With our 4-step S.L.A.Y. technique designed after many years of experience pupils with different abilities and needs: - your child will become happier and more confident with tackling challenging Math and Science probblems. - more free time for your child and your family will be able to have more quality family time Contact us now to find out more.
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School Name:Kavanagh Dance
Address:Goldhill Centre 203A Thomson Road Singapore 307638
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Description:Kavanagh Dance™ was started in 1972 and has been growing and nurturing very young children in the field of dance. Our 43 years of experience in the dance industry has empowered us with the art of teaching children how to dream with their feet! Today Kavanagh Dance™ is a well-established Dance School in Singapore which offers The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing [Australia] (C.S.T.D.) dance syllabi catered for the tiny toddlers, young children to adults in the genres of Ballet, Theatrical, Modern Jazz, Tap and Contemporary.
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School Name:Opus One Music
Address:Blk 169, Stirling Road, #01-1157, Singapore 140169 (Near Queenstown MRT)
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Description:Opus One Music prides itself in its unique music curriculum. It is creative, fun, challenging, and through the years, it has proven to be extremely effective— producing results that often surprise students themselves! We teach music in a way that stimulates the brain and sparks the spirit of learning. We have witnessed so many of our students of all ages achieving amazing outcomes not only in music, but in other aspects of their lives as well. With an effective teaching method and dedicated teachers, I am confident that Opus One Music is the place for you or your children to learn music in the most effective way. The Snowman Dream curriculum uses story-telling, imagination and logic to enable students to unlock the hidden mysteries of learning music and experience for themselves the joy of learning music. With many years of experience as well as constant positive response, Opus One Music organises many music concerts in concert halls to allow our students to showcase their talent and share their music with others. Above that, we are well equipped to prepare students to take music examinations.
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