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1Jelly had 200 dollars.  She give to her brother 25 dollars and 10 dollars for her lunch. 

(a) How much in percentage had Jelly spend?
(b) How much in percentage Jelly left?

2Mary wants to buy some cartons of orange.  If each cartons costs $10.  She was given 15 percent discount if she bought more than 10 carton.  How much does it cost Mary if she bought 18 cartons?

3The total number of students in a school is 1520.  882 of them are female.  How many percent more female students than male student are there?

4John monthly salary was increased by  12%.  If his monthly before the increase was $3000.  Find his monthly salary after the increase.

5Joyce has $8000.  She used 20% of her money to buy a laptop and 10 percent of her money to buy a TV.  The rest of the money she deposit to the bank.

a) How much does Joyce had spend?
b) How much does Joyce deposit to the bank?


25 + 10 = 35
35/200 = 0.175

0.175 x 100 = 17.5%


100% - 17.5% =  82.5%
218 cartons x $10 = $180 (before discount)

$180 x 0.1 = $18

$180 - 18 =  $162 (after discount)


$180 x (1 - 0.1)
= $180 X 0.9
31520 - 882 =    638.

There are 638 male students.

882 - 638 =   244 more female than male.

(244/1520) x 100 = 16.05%
4100% + 12% = 112% = 112/100 = 1.12

1.12 x $3000 =  $3360

His monthly salary will be $3360 after the increase of 12 percent.
5a) 20% + 10% = 30%
    (30/100) x $8000 = $2400

    Joyce spend $2400 altogether.

b) $8000 - $2400 = $5600

   Joyce deposited $5600 to the bank.

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